Practice Areas

Land Conservation: Companies come and go, but land is forever…until it is developed. Whether you are a landowner thinking about preserving your land or an organization seeking to buy and protect land, we've been there. Matt served as general counsel at a dynamic and influential land trust in New Jersey for three and a half years. While head counsel he oversaw the organization's acquisitions as well as consulting and advising municipalities and individuals on the proper course of action in regards to land preservation. He has experience in New Jersey Land Use and Real Estate Law. Currently, Matt advises numerous land trusts and land owners on their conservation goals and activities.

Nonprofit Management and Development: Starting a nonprofit can be difficult. Navigating the IRS, State and Federal rules can be can be convoluted and confusing, taking away valuable time you can spend growing your organization. Matt has diligently worked with numerous nonprofits from advising on the IRS application to drafting by-laws, conflict of interest policies and addressing other Nonprofit needs.

Small Business Law: Whether it's a photography firm, music company, an ice cream shop and beyond, whatever your dream is we can help start your business and keep it running smoothly. With personalized care and attention, we want to see you and your business thrive no matter what's happening around you. Deciding on an entity type and working out your agreements & contracts have never been easier.

Conflict Resolution: Everything in life is a negotiation. Whether it's our neighbors, our business partners or the guy littering on your lawn, why go to court when you can address the issue personally and quickly. Matt is a certified mediator, with 8 years experience, and has been involved in many conflicts and has consistently reached a solution that all parties can live with.